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What does Video Production and Baseball have in common?

Welcome to the Three and Two Films, video production.

We’re excited to share the knowledge we have earned in over 25 years in the creative and video production business.  You’ll read various things in our blog, many times about our business but sometimes we’re just going to have fun. We’ve been creating and producing commercials, infomercials and videos for over 2 ½ decades.  I love the video production business about as much as I have loved playing sports. The name Three and Two Films comes from a full count an umpire calls out when there are 3 balls and 2 strikes on a batter in baseball.

You’re the person on the spot, you’re up to bat.

When you’re the batter and the count is Three and Two, the next pitch is going to be the pitcher’s best. You’re on edge, you’re on your toes, you are all keyed up ready to hit the ball. You have to somehow remain cool, calm and keep your body relaxed.  You have to make a decision whether the pitch is ball and you walk or a strike and you swing.  But not just a swing, you have to make solid contact with the ball and get a hit! In Baseball or business, a solid hit is what you want.

You must make something positive happen now!

It’s very simple, your team is depending on you. So do something positive in your game.

It’s the same in business or baseball, you’re pitching.

The intensity is same.  You have thrown your best at the hitter, three pitches for balls and 2 for strikes. Maybe the hitter swung early and fouled off your curve for a strike and then he watched your fastball for a strike. You’re not sure if he is quick enough to hit your fast stuff and you know he is early on the curve ball.

You have to think on your feet!

The hitter’s mind is switching back and forth between fast ball and curve but he knows he should keep his mind on the fastball because he can always adjust to a curve. It’s easier to adjust from thinking fastball to curve because a curve is slower. If the hitter’s thinking curve and a fastball comes it’s going to be hard to adjust. Plan for the most difficult, the easy stuff will be, well… easy.

There is a lot at stake – the bases are loaded and the score is tied.

The players in the field are all on edge as well, senses heightened. No one knows what may happen. Is the hitter going to blast it to the infield, pop it up, or will it be a deep fly ball?  When the ball is hit to a player in the field all that pressure is transferred to the fielder, he has to make the play.  Maybe the hitter will strike out, or does the pitcher throw a ball and walk the hitter? All of those feelings and emotions of the players on the field are awesome and exciting, no matter what team you’re on.

What does this all have to do with producing a commercial or video?

For Me – Everything! It’s is the way I feel inside when approaching a production.  What pitch will be thrown in my direction? Will it be a fastball or a curve and how will I react to it?  I know from playing on championship teams in a couple different sports that your performance on the field is based on your preparation.  Working through the challenges ahead of time and anticipating issues plays very much into a good performance.  In video production it is all about planning and preparation. If done correctly the production will be a shining example of your will to win.  So, it may seem a bit intense for some people but for me, when trusted by clients to do a job, I take it to heart because winning is more fun than losing. I like to win because it’s just no fun to strike out. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

My Best to you,

Bernie Ybarra

Producer/Director – Three and Two Films

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